Elior Group enters India

December 19, 2016

A french based company enters the Indian market with 2 acquisitions, MegaBite Food Services and CRCL.

Elior Group is one of largest operator in contracted food industry. It is entering into the Indian market with the acquisitions of MegaBite Food Services and CRCL. Elior India will serve 135 thousand meals per day with help of over 4 thousand employees.

The Group is founded by Francis Markus, Robert Zolade and another 300 managers in 1991.It is headquartered in Paris in the south-east of the city centre. It has employed 108 thousand people that are serving around 4 million on every working day. It also supplies in-house catering to government-owned establishments around the world.  It owns several restaurants and the famous Jules Verne on the Eiffel Tower. In France it is the second-largest provider of school meals.

Elior Group has appointment Sanjay Kumar as Elior India Chief Executive Officer.  Sanjay Kumar will directly report to Philippe Salle who is the Chief Executive Officer of Elior Group.

MegaBite has been completely acquired by the French company.  It has also acquired a majority stake in CRCL. MegaBite Food Services is one of the top corporate catering in Bangalore. It operates its central kitchen in Bangalore and provides close to 28 thousand meals in Bangalore and 1,800 meals in Mumbai. MegaBite has employed more than 850 people. It has customers including Microsoft, Google, McKinsey etc.

CRCL a Chennai based catering company is the largest industrial catering company in South India. With 33 years of experience in the contract catering business, CRCL is the fourth largest catering company in India. CRCL has employed 2 thousand people serving around 100,000 meals each day. Its customer consists of VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) ,Daimler and MRF etc.

Elior Group CEO Philippe Salle said that entering to Indian market will allow Elior to expand into current markets. The Company believes India is a promising market with significant growth potential over the years. The control on MegaBite and CRCL will position the group among the top three contract caterers in the Indian market. The company is expected to start operations within the next 90 days.

December 19, 2016

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