Reasons to invest in India

April 20, 2017

India’s economy is the fastest growing across the globe and continues to march along a robust growth path. India stands as a good destination for the investors around the world. At present, the Indian economy boasts a stable annual growth rate, blooming capital markets, and rising foreign exchange reserves. Reasons why you should go for India in terms of investment -  


1.One of the world’s fastest growing economy

India is the fastest growing country. The GDP of India has seen a growth of 7.5 percent and the country's growth rate has overtaken China's. India will grow at consistently higher rates during next few decades.




The economy of India offers investors to experience a wide range of opportunities from consumer goods and infrastructure to energy and agriculture. India has a strong services sector in IT, software and business services which comprises 50% of India's economy.



3.Changes made in FDI norms

Recent changes made by Indian Government to relax Foreign Direct Investment norms in order to ease the path for foreign companies to invest in the country.  Foreign companies can invest directly in fast growing private Indian businesses so as to take benefits of cheaper wages and changing business environment of India. 




India’s secret weapon is its young population. India has the world’s largest youth population despite having a smaller population than China, giving the country a significant edge in terms of cost competitiveness through low labor costs. Also it has a significant English-speaking population, making it a top destination for the companies to invest in various sectors.



5.Growth in consumer spending in India

Consumer spending in India is likely to increase up to US$3.6 trillion and India will be able to constitute 5.8% of global consumption by 2020. This has put India on the path to becoming one of the world’s largest consumer markets by 2025. 


The steps taken by the government have contributed to the fact that the Indian government is the most active in terms of improving the ease of doing business in the country. It seems like India will continue to be investors’ go-to choice for the future because it is still the fastest growing major economy in the world and it is going to stay that way for a long time. 

April 20, 2017

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