California Pictures ties up with Orange corp India to produce and market Indian movie globally

August 03, 2016

California Pictures from Hollywood has signed a long term memorandum of understanding with Orange Corp India to co-produce Hindi & English films and take up other film projects for release and distribution on a global scale.

Orange Corp is MNC itself and currently it is focusing on the Indian Film Market to produce and co-produce films in Hindi and English.

The company diversified into film production, and with time, it has only strengthened its hold on production house with global content.

According to reports tie-up with one of the most renowned Hollywood production is seen with great interest because this bonding could be rewarding to the global film market. Hollywood film accounts for approximately USD 29 billion while India with USD 10 billion stands second after USA and with joint venture potential is estimated around USD 235 million. This tie up also automatically opens door for the exchange of technical and creative expertise

August 03, 2016

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