How to Know If an Online Data Entry Opportunity Is a Scam

The introduction of the online data entry dates back to the 1960s which back then was used for military purposes. Commercialization gave it a boom in the 1990s along with the internet climbing up the ladder of popularity among companies. With the escalating demand of data in the market, the data entry companies are growing rapidly.

The organization of data is becoming a crucial component that constantly contributes to higher productivity levels. Apart from promoting productivity it also tends to improve the performance thus making it one of the most effective and efficient ways of managing data. So, came in the online data entry which can be described as a process of accumulating the data from various sources of the internet and then arranging them in a particular pattern which further allows the user to have easy accessibility of the data. Data entry enables individuals to access the data regardless of his/her location.

Some of the industries with the highest data entry job offerings are financial services, local government, and the education sector.

online data entry job scams


CAUTION! In case you are hunting for any online data entry opportunity you need to be cautious of the scams related to jobs which at first appear to be quite appropriate. The prime reason behind the booming up of these scams is the widening gap between job opportunities and job seekers. Since the knowledge of using the internet is no rocket science these days, it’s easily accessible by a majority of individuals. There have been various scams related to the same in the past, some of them being the Ghaziabad scam.

– The incidence of the Ghaziabad Scam is one of such kind. Three individuals were taken into custody by the police from the Kavi Nagar area of Ghaziabad with the charges of conducting a fraud. They were suspected of misleading hundreds of individuals by asking them for money in exchange for a job in 2 years. Approximately Rs. 3.5 crores were recovered from the post-conviction.

The percentage of scams has risen in the current times when every nation is battling with the novel coronavirus which has given birth to a lot of new work from home opportunities. This has provided scammers the opportunity to make the best out of the situation. The scammers try to target the gullible jobless youth who are desperately looking out of work opportunities with the help of fake job postings. Several times these fake data entry companies with fabricated job postings tend to demand money from the individuals to provide them a decent job which never existed. Once the money is received these scammers flee away with the individual’s payment. 


  • The company will ask you for your details like bank details and certifications at the initial stage of the application process.
  • You can observe a lot of money being given for a mere task.
  • Job opportunities considering you as a prospective job applicant without analyzing your educational qualifications and skillset.
  • Beware if you notice certain keywords like the following in any of the job advertisement –
  • – Unlimited earning.
  • – Make money while sitting at home
  • – Beat investment opportunities.
  • – Job at a particular location with higher pay.
  • – Quick money

What signs to observe to dodge and steer through the online data entry scams?

– Observe the salary bracket stated by the data entry company. Be cautious of the job opportunities claiming high mismatching with the required experience level, qualification, or combating the average market salary related to that field.

– No employer demands payment for recruiting an employee instead employer makes the payment to the individual in return for the service provided to the company. Make sure the job opportunity does not require you to make a payment to get the said job.

– Exploring the job description gives a precise idea of what responsibilities does the job hold. To authenticate the job the applicant should make sure that there is no mismatch between the skillsets required for the position and the ones that are stated in the job description.

– Paying attention to the warning signs in the mail/letter is important. Beware of the mail/letter that has poor usage of the English language along with several grammatical errors. Look for the contact details of the company. Also, noticing the signature of the person sending you the mail sometimes acts like a red flag for that particular job posting.

– The validation of the email received by the company for a job opportunity is essential. It is always recommended to do some research about a particular company before moving to the next step of the application process. Try to reach out to the company by using the given contact details to make sure that the mail received for employment is authentic.

– Giving out your personal information like bank details and certifications can be harmful. Stay alert and try to distance yourself from the jobs demanding in for your personal information. Try not to give out original copies of your certifications. Once the details and certifications are given to the scammers, they flee with all the information which further can be used for unidentified activities.

– Read the contract twice before signing. In case you locate something fishy, step back, and let the job go. Make sure of not signing a contract before your research about the company which is offering you a particular post.

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