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The process of gathering, collating and analyzing data from a range of sources with an aim to generate useful information for business goals and business intelligence is what Data Mining is all about.

The data discovery could be pertaining to sales, clients & potential clients, market & industry trends, competitors, vendors etc. and can be sourced from multiple channels such as websites (B2B & B2C), published reports & presentations, news articles, blogs & forums, social media and even offline via phone calls, emails etc.

India Rep Co. possesses vast experience and skilled data mining teams capable of delivering and adding value to your client operations across a range of industries. Our Data Mining professionals can provide you with strategic insights on which to structure business decisions.

Our data analysts have the research and analysis skills & experience to effectively gather relevant data from large number of sources and process the voluminous quantities of data to deliver valuable insights to your organization. Online data mining is a time consuming task which when outsourced to India Rep Co. frees your management’s time and energy to focus on other business critical tasks. Being a labor intensive process, outsourcing data mining to India also significantly reduces your operations costs.

India Rep Co. Delivers Comprehensive Data Mining Solutions

India Rep Co. is a full service data mining company from India. We handle projects of any size including long term team deployments as well as short term projects.

Our services include –

Online Data Mining – We discover or mine data from around any available public source on the internet including B2B, B2C websites, blogs, forums, news articles etc.

Social Media Data Mining – We can mine data from all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and provide valuable insights on your customers, competitors, etc. as well as help spot trends and consumer preferences.

SQL Data Mining – We can deploy SQL data mining when large volumes of data are expected to be scraped or extracted and analyzed for modeling.

MS Excel Data Mining – We can mine information from existing Excel databases and also analyze the data to derive correlations between indicators etc. We can also apply formulas and macros and process the data to make the data more meaningful and ready for use in any application.

MS Word & PDF Data Mining – We can extract and analyze text from large word files pr printed & scanned material. This service is useful for industries such as legal services, financial services, medical & scientific research organizations etc.

Image Data Mining – We can also search images from existing databases or online and provide the same for analysis

Web Data Extraction – We can extract data from any public online source such as web pages, online databases, and more, and convert them into useable databases for processing or analysis

Web Scraping – If you need entire websites to be scraped, we have just the right solution. This service is useful for eCommerce companies and for competitor research.

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