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Outsource eCommerce Support Services to India

The global eCommerce industry continues to gain on traditional brick and mortar retail with the entry of numerous startups in the space and expansion by global giants like Amazon. Even brick and mortar retail companies are increasing sales via online platforms driven driven by strong consumer demand.

The exponential growth in eCommerce means that many ecommerce businesses find it difficult to manage increased inventory, product listings, product data, logistics, order processing and deliver superior customer service especially during high demand periods. This problem is more so for startups who need to focus on product development and sales and cannot devote enough management attention to non-core tasks like product data management, listings, order processing, logistics and customer service.

By partnering with a specialist eCommerce support services company like India Rep Co., your eCommerce company or department can efficiency scale up and reach a wider customer base thanks to outsourcing of non-core tasks. Our range of services include Order Processing, Fulfilment, Product Information Management, eCommerce Listings, Customer Service etc. Outsourcing to India enables companies to save on costs and enhance efficiency due to multi-shift operations and 24/7 coverage. This is extremely important in areas of order processing and customer service.

India Rep Co. Delivers End-to-End eCommerce Support Services

India Rep Co. is a full service eCommerce support services company from India. We handle projects of any size including long term team deployments as well as short term projects.

Our services include –

Order Processing and Management

An efficient order processing department is essential to any B2C or B2B organization delivering a product or a service. Nowadays order processing functions have become overly complex thanks to multiple order channels, business supply chains and delivery mechanisms. Moreover, this is a function which is not critical to an organizations’ growth yet consumes a lot of management bandwidth. This makes the order processing function a prime candidate for being outsourced to a professional order processing management company like India Rep Co. We have worked with startups, ecommerce companies as well as established companies in assisting them with their order processing management.

Apart from deploying a fast and efficient order processing team in India, we enable businesses to enjoy more than a 50% saving on staff & overhead costs. Our teams function 24×7, 365 days a year to give our clients incredible coverage and flexibility leading to higher customer satisfaction.  We can also scale up or down the order processing team to deal with changes in the order volume.

We specialize in the following Order Processing Services: 

  • Order Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Order Tracking & Reporting
  • Return Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales and Purchase Order Processing

Product Information Management Services

India Rep Co. offers a complete product information management service for businesses of all sizes and industries including e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, technology, food and others. With the state of e-commerce today, companies are facing a challenge of maintaining product inventory across several online sales channels especially when the number of SKUs are large and/or product/price information changes frequently. Inaccurate product information can lead to a catastrophic loss in sales & revenue.

Our expert product information management team can ensure that all your product information is always updated across your ecommerce platforms including putting SEO friendly product descriptions, product photos, product data entry, image tagging, product specifications, catalog management etc. Further, we do this all at very low prices resulting in a saving of over 50% as compared to developed country costs for managing this function this in-house.

We specialize in the following Product Information Management Services:

  • Product Data Entry
  • Product Data Cleansing
  • Product Catalog Management
  • Product Data Indexing and Archiving
  • Product Content Solution
  • Image Tagging

Customer Support Services

  • Customer Service over Call, Email & Chat
  • Technical Support / Help Desk Services

Photo Editing Services

  • Image Retouching and Improvement
  • Enhancement of Photo Color, Contrast and Exposure
  • Image Clipping
  • Background Change
  • 360-degree Product View Generation

Our Outsourcing Process

Process of Outsourcing Jobs and Business Tasks to India

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