Why Startups should consider hiring a Virtual Assistant

Work can be very tiring sometimes. Especially, when you have started up your own business and are wearing multiple hats. It’s natural to feel helpless and unable to focus on the important aspects of growing your startup when you are the sales head, finance head, HR head all rolled in to one.

So, smart startup founders hire assistants to delegate their tasks and to ease up the work time. Now we have been introduced to so many new ideas and strategies in the business world that nothing seems impossible. This is where the idea of a ‘Virtual Assistant‘ comes in. With the whole world moving to remote work / work from home culture, it might be an amazing and new approach to get some of the work pressure off your shoulders.

Let’s talk about Alexa, for instance. You ask her to play a song, she does it; you ask her to read you the news, she does it. Want her to help you get up on time? Consider it done. And, there are several other things that she can do it. Yes, technology.

Now, think of hiring a person who can do anything you tell them to free you from the excess burden of your new business! Sounds great. Doesn’t it?

Living in the most advanced era this planet has ever seen business tasks that once needed physical presence in the office can now be done through screens in front of us and from anywhere around the world.

Startups hiring virtual assistant services
Startups should consider using virtual assistants

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant:

  • Save a Lot of Money – Outsourcing some of your back office tasks to a virtual assistant from India or some other low wage country can save your startup an enormous amount of money. Rates for basic VA tasks with an Indian virtual assistant company can be as low as $5/hour!
  • Not Time Consuming- You don’t have to wait for a specific time of the day to delegate your work. You can just mail it to them with deadlines, and they’ll get the job done.
  • Gives You Some Time Off- With a new startup, comes a lot of new responsibilities. Delivering the work on time along with spending time with your family or just relaxing alone, becomes difficult. But, with a virtual assistant, you can stop worrying about a lot of your tasks, as they will do it on your behalf.
  • Helps You Get Better Results- Take, for instance, a phone’s memory card. When data is overstored, it keeps notifying us and on being full, our phones just stop working. Similarly, when a person is overburdened with work he or she might just go blank and have difficulty performing. But passing on some of the tasks to a virtual assistant might help in bringing efficiency to the business.
  • Choose Tasks to Delegate- In school I used to wonder, how great it would be if I get to appear the exams only for the subjects that I have studied! Well, it never happened. But it can happen to you. You get to choose the tasks you want to delegate and that means you can simply delegate the work that you don’t like doing. Of course, having a virtual assistant has its downfalls as it has its benefits. They might need some training, it can be expensive, you might have trust issues, etc. Now, if you are delegating your tasks, you need to let go of some of the authority too. Because, to complete the given tasks on time, they should have some decision making authority. Adjusting to a good virtual work environment can be a bit time-consuming, for both the parties but, once you work it out, your business would thrive.


With the coronavirus pandemic, the virtual space has been explored, now more than ever. From reaching the office at 9 AM, we are now just filling up a sheet of attendance at 9 AM. From sitting straight up at our desks to lying on our beds with our laptops, from conference rooms we have shifted to zoom calls, from having weekend parties at our offices we have shifted to weekend chit-chat over calls. This pandemic has made us stay in our homes and move our lives to computers. This is a great opportunity to hire a virtual assistant for your company as this pandemic has not only increased the time we spend with our families but also has increased the time that we spend on computers.

This Global Reset can be used for the benefit of your startup. You can strategize, implement, and control how your business goes, from the ease of your house. Of course, a virtual assistant who can follow, motivate, and help you in getting the job done. After all, it is not just the documents but also our lives that have now been digitized.

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