Creating a Dedicated Workspace at Home for Optimum Productivity During ‘The Great Lockdown’

Home Office Setup for Work from Home

The current pandemic has compelled us to face an unconventional situation that we are not prepared for. The world is in a full blown lockdown with a majority confined to their homes. The only way for businesses to cope and operate in these unusual circumstances is by introducing remote working.  While this enables employees  to work from the safety of their homes it comes with its fair share of problems that have a detrimental impact on productivity. It can be challenging to work from home and maintain optimum productivity amid all those distractions. An excellent method to prevent your work performance from being impacted is to create a workspace at your home dedicated solely to work. Here is how you can do it simply and conveniently:

Find The Most Suitable Place

The ideal home workspace does not require expansive space and area. You do not need an entire room to create an office. One small corner of one room will do just fine. However, what you will need is a place away from distractions. You will for sure need a spot with a stable wifi connection. All the tools and equipment your work requires; proper lighting, laptop, monitors, electric sockets, notepad, stationary or anything else will need to be kept within your reach. It does not matter whether you put in a desk and a chair in your living room, bedroom, attic or garage, as long as you have everything you need right by your side, you will be able to keep working exceptionally well, just like in an office.

Get Organised

An organised workspace plays a major and vital role when it comes to enhanced work productivity. Clutter and unorganised mess create distractions and take your attention away from work. Setting up a neat, tidy and organised workspace will help you retain your concentration on working rather than fidgeting around and procrastinating. Put aside a desk and a comfy chair only to work on. Get rid of any items that are unnecessary and irrelevant to your job from your desk and soon you will find yourself with a newfound ability to focus and stop yourself from wasting precious time!

Create An Office-Like Environment

Working from home requires cooperation from your family members. Whether it is your parents, spouse or kids, or all of them, you will need their support and help to create a professional atmosphere. Schedule your office hours and let your family know that you should not be disturbed during these specific hours. Instead of working in your PJs, dress up as you might for your office to attain an official working condition. When you act formally, it becomes easier to imitate a professional and business-like office space to assist in working efficiently and productively. Take advantage of your creative intellect to make a unique office without your regular resources. Channel your inner ambition and aspirations and you will learn that remote working is only as difficult as you let it be!

Working from home is an anomalous situation for us all. We are all finding ways and figuring out new approaches to combat these testing times. Although remote working is a new experience for many, it is not something unheard of. People all over the world work from home. It is time to enliven the passion and enthusiasm that lies within you and not let this turmoil get on your nerves. Bring out your dedication, commitment and a positive attitude to keep on working ardently as usual.

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