How to Increase Productivity While Working from Home During ‘The Great Lockdown’

Enhance Productivity when Working from Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a colossal impact on the way the corporate world works. Depriving us of our offices, it has forced us to adapt to a range of changing circumstances; especially with most employees working from their homes.

Working from home can have a momentous effect on your productivity. You can either succumb to procrastination, familial disruption and other distractions, or you can find the silver lining in this unfortunate occasion and seize this opportunity to amplify your productivity. Considering the consequential nature of this seemingly peripheral term, it is necessary that you design a strategy to help you increase productivity during this vexing lockdown. Here a few time you can benefit from:

Set Targets

When you are away from a professional working environment of a formal office, it is important that you plan your work aspirations and ambitions. Plan your resources, working hours and projects to figure out a strategy that helps maximise the results from your efforts. Set up SMART objectives for yourself. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

Broaden Your Horizons

Working from home saves a great deal of time. You do not have to dress up and get ready to perfection every single day and the longest distance you might be commuting to is from your bedroom to the kitchen or living room. All this free time you might now have gives you a chance to increase your skillset or polish the one you already have. Take up an online coding course to brush up your knowledge of computer language, watch graphic designing tutorials to learn something new, read a book relevant to your field of work or start an online blog to bring the writer hidden inside you to the surface. Even if it is not directly related to your job, learning something new makes your brain function like a well-oiled machine and helps you constructively utilize this extra time.

Stay Connected

Communication is always key. Remote working does not mean that you lose contact with your peers and keep working on your own. Instead, devise a strategy to incorporate group meetings and online team activities to synergize your efforts. Frequent and effective communication with your colleagues and team will help you coordinate with each other to increase your collective productivity.

Create A Dedicated Workspace

Whether you have a house, condo or apartment, build a small workspace dedicated entirely to your work. Creating a dedicated workspace will help you teach your brain to focus on the task at hand when you are in this specific area. Gather all your equipment in one place so that you do not have to get up now and then to find what you need; this will waste your time and break your flow of work.

Working from home especially during these taxing times can be quite stressful. While your work might be a vital part of your life, it is important that you do not forget to take a moment for yourself. Taking care of your mental and physical health will help thrive at work. Keep in mind that this is a temporary situation and this too shall pass and life will get back to normal soon. Until then, increase your productivity and pay attention to yourself to come out of this lockdown stronger than ever!

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