How Managers Can Lead And Motivate Teams Working From Home

Motivate Teams when Working from Home during Lockdown

COVID-19, the topic of every discussion, the subject of every conversation has forced businesses all over the world to implement a remote working system. This compulsion of working from homes in an unprofessional and informal environment with no access to office resources, can have a pernicious effect on employee motivation levels. In order to retain satisfactory productivity, it is crucial that companies devise strategies to motivate and lead their employees.


Perhaps the most significant facet of remote motivation is communication. Communication is the key to enhanced performance. The ongoing pandemic has created an atmosphere of confusion and uncertainty. People are in a state of constant fear of losing their jobs and thus their sources of income. In such a climate, open and honest communication with managers and employees essential to improve motivation. Reassure your employees, let them know how the lockdown has affected your company and collaborate to come up with a course of action to cope with this situation. Not knowing whether one might have a secure job in the near future or not can have a major impact on work performance and the drive to work efficiently.

Online Group Meetings

Finding a medium of communication that works for all employees is another major aspect that has a consequential effect on the enthusiasm and motivation of teams working from home. Non-verbal interfacing is a vital part of effective communication. An interpersonal mode of connection between all teams and managers enables clear and focused correspondence that helps teams all across the company coordinate and cooperate with each other. This makes group conversations like group video chats, a group text chain or telephonic conferences very important.

Have Faith In Your Teams

Let your employees know that you trust them to get the job done well and in time without any supervision.  A good leader always understands the importance of expressing their trust and confidence in their employees. When your staff is aware of the fact that you are counting on them, it imparts upon them a sense of responsibility that propels them to work harder.


Amidst this distressing atmosphere where most people if not all, are isolated and quarantined; praising and appreciating an employee for a job well-done can go a long way in augmenting their motivation. Recognition from your superior serves as acknowledgement of exceptional work performance and boosts self-esteem. Conveying your gratitude towards your employees and providing them positive feedback on their work can be a huge motivator.

Depression, stress and anxiety are becoming quite common among isolated individuals. Periodically asking your employees how their life during the lockdown is going, what new hobby they have taken up or even reminding them to take time for their health and fitness is a great way to check-in and show that you care for them at a personal level. It exhibits a notion that managers think of their employees as distinct individuals rather than robots who are designed to work.

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