Global Companies Look to Outsource to India

As per the reports collected by NASSCOM, more and more companies are looking to outsource their requirements to Indian companies. Some other countries including China too have emerged besides India, but all others have proved to be trivial. Today, India is the hotspot of outsourcing. All possible types of non-core jobs and even some core activities

India has managed to outmaneuver all other countries and emerge as the top destination for outsourcing various jobs that are non-core yet highly important for the companies. Moreover, the government policies favour a lot for foreign companies along with a talented workforce and quick development of infrastructures. The outsourcing industry in India continues to experience a surge in growth rate every year.

Easy communication

Communication is a huge support for the foreign companies in India, The skilled manpower in this country understand English and easily communicate in this language. Moreover, there is no dearth of skilled manpower in other languages as well like Russian, Italian, Spanish, or French. This is one of the main reasons why foreign companies outsource to India.

Immensely talented pool

The best part of outsourcing to India is foreign countries are greeted by a vast talented pool who are adept in various classifications. No matter how talented people you are looking for your objectives will be met when outsourcing to India.

Cost-effective teams

People in India are happy when they are paid through foreign currencies. The cost of hiring a service is a lot less when compared with other countries. So, it’s quite natural when foreign companies get the best services without pinching their pockets.

Favorable government policies

This is one of the core reasons why India is the preferred location for outsourcing any requirement. The IT policies and The Information Technology Act support industry growth as well as foreign companies when they are in search of the best partners for expanding a business. The outsourcing companies enjoy tax rebates, special packages from the governments, the benefits of SEZs, and many more.

World class infrastructure

India has some well-recognized IT hubs in Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. With these cities, India has proved itself to go above and beyond the limits of what other countries can’t even think. The IT infrastructure has been developed to a great extent. Even the startup companies in India are employing the best and advanced technology to come up with a matchless solution.

Due to these prominent benefits, foreign countries look to outsource to India with evolving business scenarios. The time zone in India favours multiple countries abroad and these altogether bring massive improvement to the countries that are willing to outsource their tasks to the talents in India. They can run multiple shifts in a 24×7 environment.

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