Mistakes to Avoid While Working with a Virtual Assistant

Are you able to handle everything that’s on your plate?  Companies and busy professionals are usually inundated with multiple tasks on any given work day and it’s a challenge to keep up with this on a long term basis. In order to take free up time for more crucial tasks, companies and busy professionals can opt for a more feasible solution of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant benefits the company by letting the organization focus on the core activities of the business while the virtual assistant manages the tasks remotely, thus boosting up the productivity of the organization.

As the virtual assistant company assists you in managing the tasks on the platter while making it easier for you to complete the tasks effectively and efficiently, there can be a pool of questions that might pop up right before you hire a company for providing the service.

How to know if the Virtual Assistant is the right match for your organization? How trustworthy is the virtual assistant company you are planning to hire? How much are the company’s VA services priced at?

Common mistakes when working with a virtual assistant

Right from the introduction of the virtual assistant in the market, it is climbing up the ladder of growth as it can prove to be a make or break move taken by the company. In order to make sure that the hired virtual assistant will be able to bridge the gap between the scattered tasks and its management, there are various mistakes that should be avoided. Read on to know mistakes to be avoided –


The prime motive of getting tasks managed by a virtual assistant company is to get the best quality of work. Several firms hire a virtual assistant which will fit in their pocket’s budget rather than providing quality work. The virtual assistant companies having a good amount of experience tend to be costly than those with no experience which contributes to the factors that lead the companies to higher the virtual assistant firms which are on the cheaper side of the graph.  It’s crucial for the company to select the one that has ethics and a good amount of experience in the field in order to make the management of the tasks effective and efficient.


The chalking out of a clear blueprint is of at-most importance. It is crucial that the contract duration and the tasks which will be assisted by the VA are clearly stated. The acquaintance of VA with the tasks to be performed by him/her is essential to make sure that both of them are on the same page. As planning becomes important when all the tasks have to be handled remotely.


The organizations tend to neglect the importance of training once the VA is on boarded albeit VA’S training is one of the crucial areas which needs the company’s focus for effective and efficient achievement of goals. Training provides the opportunity of acquainting the VA with all the core values of the firm and the way in which tasks have to be handled in the company. This should be taken as an investment by the company rather than an expense for yielding better future results.


How efficient and effective is your VA? The responsibility does not end at the delegation of tasks to the virtual assistant itself. Once the tasks have been delegated it is essential to review the tasks of the VA to get a better picture of how has the VA been performing tasks. Maintaining a calendar helps to keep the record of the tasks been allocated to VA further assisting in the review. Reviewing the work will allow sharing suggestions and amendments if required.


Communication is the key to avoid misconceptions. While working remotely communication becomes more important for giving out the directions for the achievement of the task. It’s important to communicate your expectations and in return understand their understanding of the same. Communication assists in building a healthy relationship between the hiring company and the Virtual Assistant.


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