Why India is the Back Office of the World

The demand for outsourcing services around the world has picked up the pace in recent years. With the expanding relationship between technology and work, the need for highly skilled labor at low cost is rising too. To top the charts a company needs to keep the track of its competition. Apart from cost-cutting, outsourcing of the services helps in maintaining a better quality of deliveries to the client, less time to market and to be ahead of your competitors. Various big companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook have been outsourcing a lot of its services to India due to its capability of delivering the project to the client effectively and efficiently.

India is the world’s second most populated country after China which makes it the country with the availability of skilled manpower in abundance. There is the addition of approximately thousands of graduates to its workforce each year. It is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Being home to heaps of skilled labor at low cost makes it one of the top locations for outsourcing the services. The setting up of the company’s back office in India gives the outsourcing company the advantage of the time zone which always keeps them a bit ahead of others. Below mentioned are some of the tasks that can be outsourced to India-

Tasks that can be outsourced to India

Lead Generation and Customer ServiceBookkeeping and AccountingContent and Social Media Marketing  Data Entry
Payroll ProcessingWeb DesigningCatalog Management ServicesBack Office Support Services
Virtual AssistantWebsite OptimizationVideo EditingEmail Management
Manufacturing and ProductionData StorageCRM IntegrationAppointment Setting
Data Mining, Web Extraction and ScrapingE-commerce Support ServicesCustomer Support ServiceSoftware Development

The following are some reasons as to why India is ranked as a top destination for outsourcing the services:

  • FLEXIBLE GOVERNMENT POLICIES: The Indian government has been taking a lot of initiative to make India one of the most favourable destinations for the outsourcing of the services. Along with the increasing focus on the IT sector, the government has also been taking steps to bring in strong cybersecurity laws to make sure that there is a high sense of reliability among the outsourcing companies. This further assists in making hassle-free deliveries to clients around the globe.
  • EXTENSIVE TALENT POOL: With a population of approx. 138 crore, thousands of students graduate in a different field from the universities each year, thus creating a large pool of skilled resources within the country. This massive pool of skilled labor enables the country to deliver high-quality service in various sectors.
  • SMOOTH FLOW OF COMMUNICATION: Despite English not being the national language of the country, the majority of the population of India has good English communication skills. The prime reason behind this is the British influenced education system. Because of the good fluency and command of individuals over the language, outsourcers rank India as the topmost location for finding their outsourcing partner company. Good command of the language also makes the delegation of the tasks easier for the organization. Access to the employees who can communicate smoothly in English gives the companies the advantage of working with diverse individuals, further leading to the presence of holistic culture in the organization.
  • EMPLOYEE COMMITMENT: Indian employees are usually referred to as one of the most committed individuals at work. They are said to have the quality of going the extra mile to deliver the quality product and meet the deadline.
india is the back office of the world
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  • PRICING FLEXIBILITY: One of the prime reasons for India being on the top of outsourcing location is the low cost at which the services can be procured. The outsourcing partners offer the payment of the project on the following basis:
    1. Per Hour
    2. Per Deliverable
    3. Fixed Monthly Prices

By offering different options for payment, the companies give leverage to the companies outsourcing the services to select the one which best suits them. By setting up your back office in India you can not only cut down your operational cost but can also increase the overall profits of your company. 

  • HIGH-QUALITY SERVICES: For many years now, India has been consistently been able to provide a high quality of service with the advantage of being low on cost. Choosing India s your preferred location for outsourcing your services you will experience a higher turnaround time along with the optimum quality of service.
  • OUTSTANDING INFRASTRUCTURE: India has been developing its technologies and infrastructure which will enable the companies to provide the outsourcing services to perform better and deliver high-quality outputs. India has world reputed infrastructure and technologies leading it to a global choice for outsourcing. The companies work towards the effective and efficient achievement of the goal by utilizing the latest technology and software. Among these technologies is the availability of the internet which allows the service providing form to stay connected with the clients across the globe and the outsourcing company round the clock.

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