Step by Step Guide to Setting up an Offshore Delivery Center

The majority of the businesses around the world have been clinching to the concept of outsourcing various services like data entry management, back-office support, virtual assistant, and many more. Although earlier firms started outsourcing various services to save cost albeit later on the organizations realized that setting up an offshore delivery centre could lead to better productivity in terms of project delivery and along with an increased focus on the core activities of the business.

 Some of the introductory perks tagged with the outsourcing of services are increased efficiency, cost benefits along with getting hands-on skilled resources. From an organization’s point of view, it is important to have your delivery centre in a country with a low cost of living. One such country is India. An extended, committed, and the integrated offshore team supporting the company in the effective and efficient delivery of the client project is termed as an Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC).

 The location of the offshore delivery centre is based on the cost of living in that country chosen compared to that of the home country. The country which you are choosing must have a good amount of skilled resources available at comparatively low cost. This further helps the organizations in decreasing the operation cost overall thus leading to an elevation in net profits. Apart from the location, it is important to cast the outsourcing partner with a good amount of quality experience in the area you are looking for outsourcing in. The collaboration should be effective and efficient.

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Setup an offshore delivery center in India. Know the process.

Here is a checklist in which an organization should follow while setting up a delivery centre overseas.


 The requirement identification by you is the first and the foremost step in setting up a delivery centre overseas. Understanding what does the business needs is essential. Apart from that, it is important to analyse id there is a bridge between the skills required by the project and the skill set of your current workforce. In case there is a crunch, there is a clear requirement of setting up a delivery centre overseas for the development, management, and deliverability of the project.


One of the areas to focus on while setting up a centre overseas is the offshore team’s knowledge and skillset. It is always recommended to work with an outsourcing partner that has some experience in the area of nature of your company’s business. Conducting a technical assessment in the form of an interview or quiz helps in knowing if the skillset matches the required area.


Before getting in any agreement with an outsourcing partner, make sure that they will add value to your company. You should try to look out for the outsourcing company which can meet the below-mentioned criteria:

– Can provide you required services at a good package.

– The one which has the lowest rate of risk amongst all.

– The one with the best suited skilled resources.


The foundations of a good collaborating partner are reliability and the standard of quality. These two factors highly influence the development of a good outsource centre. You should only trust the outsourcing companies that have required certifications and accreditations.


It is crucial to have a clear conversation about the financials like the schedule of regular payments, hidden costs, and other questions related to the payment. Some of the areas related to payment which should be discussed before entering in a contract with the outsourcing company:

– Accounting time.

– Model proposed for pricing.

– Information related to taxes.

– Schedule of payment.

– Credibility


Once you enter a contract with the offshore delivery centre, communication is the area you should focus on for the effective delivery of the project. To avoid misunderstanding and conflicts the company must have crystal clear communication with the offshore team since they are situated miles away from the home country that too with the different time zone. A good communication plan leads to higher productivity levels. To make sure that the process runs smoothly it is important to choose appropriate tools of communication and project management.


How assures id your delivery to the client when outsourcing a team? Whenever choosing an outsourcing partner, it is essential to look for reviews or a reference that helps in making sure that you are handling the project with a trusted offshore team. Walking through the reviews provides a basic idea about the reputation and the quality the outsourcing company provides and how successful are they in giving the delivery of the project to the clients. So checking on vendor’s ratings and reviews is the best way of knowing the past deliveries.

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