How to Manage and Integrate an Offshore Team

The companies are shifting from local teams to offshore teams as it proves to be more effective and efficient hiring. The prime reason for the shift is that hiring locally tends to be expensive as compared to hiring an offshore team which on the other hand is on the lighter side of the company’s wallet thus helping in cutting the cost. The credit of making outsourcing of teams more reachable goes to the World Wide Web.

In situations like the company not being able to hire a permanent employee or needs one for a short period or on a contract basis, it usually does hiring from offshores which helps them get skilled labor at a comparatively lower cost. Companies outsource from India due to the lower cost of living as compared to other countries which allow them to pay the employees less than what a local employee in their company would have been paid. Apart from the cost-benefit, the presence of your company’s offshore delivery centre will allow your business to run round the clock.

Once the hiring and onboarding of the offshore team are finished, the next, stage is to bring the coherence between your business and the offshore team. The effective and efficient achievement of your company’s goal depends on how successfully you can integrate the offshore team into your country and the company’s structure.

Guide to managing an offshore team and integrating it into your company culture

Read on to find out the ways which can assist you in integrating the offshore team into your country and company’s structure:


The understanding of the company’s line of business and the types of products is essential as it helps the outsourced team to know the background of the company. Along with these, it is also important for the outsourced team to understand the Vision and Mission of the company so that there is no compromise with the values with which the company operates.


How effectively is the team working? Do they have any issues? To make sure that the outsourced team is working collaboratively towards the goal achievement without any conflicts or queries, it’s important to assign a team leader. The elected team leader should have an understanding of both the cultures to make sure no cultural barriers come in the way of their goal achievement. Designating a team leader also makes sure that there is a smooth delegation of the task and the sense of continuity id not absent in the company.


How is cultural acquaintance important for target achievability? If not from a company’s point of view, it is hard to understand the importance of being acquainted with each other’s culture for successful completion of the project and client delivery. The teams on both sides need to broaden their cultural knowledge. Cultural knowledge will not only help in communicating better but also will aid in being effective.


While you work upon your relationship with the local employees of your company it is equally important for you to have a good relationship with the offshore team. You should make sure that the offshore team also feels a part of your office regardless of the location. One of the best ways to maintain good relationships offshore is by constantly motivating them by rewarding them the way you do your onshore employees. Try to have a weekly meeting with them to create a sense of closeness in them. Select a time that suits the team in both locations.  Try to be available to them round the clock in case any assistance id required, this will help build a positive relationship. Good relationship and frequent motivation are directly linked to the quality of work which will be received from the offshore team.


One of the essential points which needs to be kept in mind while outsourcing the team is to have a common language that will help eliminate the barrier of communication, thus making delegation of tasks much easier. The offshore team and the local team should be comfortable with the common language to avoid misunderstandings followed by any of its negative impacts.

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