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7 severe disadvantages of hiring data entry freelancers from freelancing websites

With the right amount of effort and dedication, your business will start to grow. A growing business automatically has an increased number of data entry requirements. If your business has started having an increased number of data entry tasks, we can guess your business is growing. And that’s a nice thing! But you have to carefully handle this moment of growth. Just a small mistake in your data entry tasks can result in severe damage. If you do not have sufficient in-house employees or hiring new employees is not a choice, going for outsourced data entry services in India is the best option. Many will suggest you go for individual freelancers, but that’s a red flag for many reasons. Today, we will draw a fair picture of the consequences of hiring data entry freelancers. 

data entry company in india
data entry company in india

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the actual scenario of hiring freelancers so that you can decide whether you should work with freelancers or the best data entry company in India.

Some major problems you might encounter while working with data entry freelancers 

1. Insufficient knowledge and experience 

Data entry may seem an easy thing initially. But the reality is far different. With attractive proposals, a freelancer may win your deal. But soon after, many companies realize that their tasks are in the wrong hands. Errors in your business data management will have severe consequences. Insufficient knowledge and lack of working experience result in complications. Often, freelancers cannot handle critical data entry jobs, and as a result, you need to hire again. And it will simply mess with your budget. If your hired data entry freelancer is not experienced in handling complicated data entry requirements, you have to guide him/her every now and then. You have to invest double the effort than training an in-house employee. But in the case of working with an outsourcing data entry company, there are no such hassles to deal with. 

2. Unpredictable availability for work 

One of the most irritating problems of hiring a freelance data entry provider is the inconsistent delivery of work. Some freelancers cannot invest the number of hours your work needs. Generally, freelancers work with various clients. When one tries to manage things single-handedly, automatically, they cannot focus equally on all works. Most freelancers take several breaks while working. They will pause your work, do some personal chores, and then restart your work again. So, if the work is urgent, you cannot expect prompt delivery from a data entry freelancer. 

3. Lack of communication 

Communication is always a key thing when it comes to handling lots of data entry tasks on a regular basis. You may have different data entry requirements on a regular basis, and to make it work out, effective communication is mandatory. If there is a geolocation or time zone barrier, it will be difficult for you to maintain active communication. Actually, a freelancer cannot stay awake the entire night for communication and deliver quality work the next day. But if you hire a reliable data entry company in India, you won’t face such issues. Data entry companies are equipped with the required number of employees for effective communication and data entry work. 

4. Insufficient data protection 

Data breaches have become a regular thing for many data entry freelancers. The increased number of cyberattacks and data theft signals companies to double their protection measures. But for an individual freelancer, it is really hard to enable. Investing in top-notch security technologies is the need of the hour. But that’s not achievable for all individual freelancers as it includes a lot of expenses.

On the other hand, they won’t agree to invest lots of money in security technologies just to serve one client. But if you hire a leading data entry services company, you can stay assured that your business data are in the safe hands. Companies are able to afford the best range of data security technologies for their valuable clients. 

5. Inconsistent price fluctuations 

Hiring in-house employees is an expensive choice compared to outsourcing the data entry requirements. But if you need to pay the same amount of money or more, there is no benefit to working with data entry freelancers. Often freelancers charge differently based on the projects. Sometimes, they increase their rates from the next month. Sudden price fluctuations will mess with your budget. On the other hand, freelancers with good ratings on Up Work or Fiverr have high charges. Sometimes, to get quality data entry work, it is not possible to pay a huge amount, especially when you have regular data entry requirements.  

6. Improper workforce management 

If your data entry requirements are bulk in size, you have to manage the manpower accordingly. If you hire a freelancer and ask him/her to arrange the manpower to deal with your growing data entry requirements, we must say it will result in a complete mess. If you need more than one person to handle your work, you should go for a data entry services company. Just to earn some extra money, a freelancer may promise you to deliver bulk work on time, but you will simply lose the quality. It’s evident that if a person tries to complete the tasks of two persons, the quality will be affected automatically. 

Going for individual freelancers is not always best for online data entry services. If you plan to scale up your business and expect increased productivity from data entry service providers, going for a reputable data entry outsourcing firm is the best choice. 

7. Poor quality data entry work 

Your data entry tasks should be done with quality. In order to measure the quality of a data entry freelancer, only checking the previous samples is not enough. Conducting a real-time test is beneficial to measure the actual quality of the work. Some freelancers offer their services at a lower rate, and it’s really tempting to fall for them. But their quality of online data entry services will make you realize why conducting a test or interview is important before handing over your requirements. 

Working with the right data entry outsourcing firm ensures that you will not face any above-mentioned problems of hiring individual freelancers. When it comes to outsourcing data entry services in India, many companies log into Fiverr, Upwork, and other gig platforms to hire freelancers at a lower rate. But that’s not always the best choice. 

data entry services company
data entry services company

The 7 points of this blog prove the same thing. For better data security, on-time work, and effective communication working with a data entry outsourcing company like India Rep Company is the best choice. In order to know more about how we maintain data security, communication, and handle bulk amounts of work with quality- you should connect with us directly. We do not charge for answering your queries! So, let’s connect today! 

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