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India Vs. Philippines: Where should you outsource services in Asia?

Outsourcing companies have become saviours for many businesses across the globe. It’s really difficult for startups and SMEs to increase their in-house employees, especially when they have multiple areas to invest in and improve. If you are in the same dilemma, just like any other smart business organisation, you should simply go for business process outsourcing services. In 2022, many businesses have understood that outsourcing services is a wise move as it directly contributes to the organisation’s growth. But when it comes to outsourcing business requirements, many business owners feel clueless about whether they should go for India-based firms or choose the best outsourcing companies in the Philippines. 

In Asia, India and the Philippines are the two best destinations to outsource bpo services. Skilled workforces, cost-effectiveness, grasp of the English language, and a separate plethora of perks are there that make these countries the best in outsourcing services to global businesses. If you are trying to be specific with one country or want to know the best outsourcing destination in Asia, this blog is meant for you. 

Over the decades, India has been the outsourcing favourite. But the Philippines is trying really hard to beat India. The competition is actually good as it helps global clients to get the best services. India leads the race. It’s really hard for the Philippines to beat India as it has a nearly 484 million employable population between the ages of 25 and 54 working for global clients. On the other hand, the Philippines is trying to beat India, with only 38 million people. 

business process outsourcing services
Business Process Outsourcing

Do you feel that we should be more specific with the reasons? We are feeling the same, so let’s discuss it pointwise and get an effective conclusion. 

Technology-infused outsourcing services 

If you are trying to outsource your bpo requirements, you should remember that no longer knowledge processing or call centre operations are everything you need. Today’s bpo services are very much different, and advanced technology should be in every step as a backbone. 


There was a time when many global businesses were trying to outsource their voice-based requirements to the Philippines. This country contains a large population that follows the American English Accent. Apart from this, this country is also ready with business and knowledge processing outsourcing organisations. But you can see that today’s bpo requirements are very much different. Technology integration has become a must in these areas. When it comes to combining expert services with technological advancement, the Philippines need some improvement to maintain the standard that global clients deserve. 


The Philippines was leading at a time, and India was losing more and more voice-based clients. But the technological advancement of India is completely changing the entire scenario. India is extremely dominant in information technology. So, when it comes to combining expert bpo services with next-gen technologies, India is all set to win the spotlight. If your business is in need of technologically advanced manpower, India will be the best outsourcing destination without any second thought. 

  • Sales Integrated Services 

The concept of typical call centres or voice services is changing due to the changes in the requirements of the industries. In this decade, call centres should turn into profit centres. 


The Philippines was a preferred destination to outsource customer support services. But modern businesses are trying to turn their customer service centres into profit centres. This country is trying to enable the transformation, but it’s taking more time than expected. Businesses are in need of more sales based services than just plain support. The current picture indicates that the Philippines will need more time to implement the sales element to its support services. 

outsourcing services
outsourcing services


India is better and rightly equipped in terms of integrating sales into support. According to The Economic Times, Telstra and Best Buy have relocated their service centres to India, as India is better in terms of this sales factor. Many leading BPO companies have relocated hundreds of jobs to India from the Philippines for the same reason. So, if you choose India over the Philippines, you will get plenty of the best bpo companies in India to outsource your requirements. 

  • eCommerce outsourcing services 

The booming of the global eCommerce industry is leaving a significant impact on outsourcing companies. eCommerce services are not only about customer support but also include software expertise, bandwidth, logistics, and so many other things. 


This country basically focuses on BPO and various other voice-based services. But in order to be a complete eCommerce outsourcing destination, it has to improve more. From technological advancement to service redesigning- it needs to focus on many important areas to beat India. 


Amazon, the big brother of the Ecommerce industry, is all set to launch its biggest software centre outside the United States in Hyderabad. Now, you can understand the potential rather capacity of India. eCommerce outsourcing companies in India are ready to integrate software services, storage, logistics, customer support, and so many other eCommerce related operations to let global eCommerce businesses grow without any interruption. 

  • Labour costs 

The labour cost is directly related to the service costs. And that’s why it’s always better to go to a country where labour cost is comparatively low. But for that, you should not compromise the quality. 


The labour costs of the Philippines are a bit higher compared to India. Philippines-based outsourcing companies pay approximately USD 3295 for CSR employees, and web developers pay approximately USD 5243 annually. Labour costs are higher than in India. 


We must say India has an advantage in the labour market. If multinationals are looking for practical outsourcing options, they should choose India if they are determined with the Asia region. India is known to provide comparatively lower labour costs than many other countries in the Asia region. For a monthly contractor, India-based outsourcing firms pay approximately 148 USD. On the other hand, CSR employees get average pay of around 3091 USD annually. So, you can decide what’s the best deal for you! But with India, you are assured of getting top quality services at a lower rate. 

  • Cloud-based business process outsourcing

We have already mentioned business process outsourcing is very much different in this post-pandemic phase. And if you want to work with the best bpo companies in India or the Philippines, you must consider cloud infrastructure at the first move. Both cloud and automation are changing the entire BPO service concept. And that’s why checking the BPaaS infrastructure has become a must-to-do job before selecting the outsourcing firm. 

data entry outsourcing companies
data entry outsourcing companies


With a fast-developing infrastructure, the Philippines is playing a key role in the BPaaS outsourcing industry. Since its services rely on more human effort and automation is implemented in limited areas, to get full-fledged services from Philippines-based firms, you have to wait for more years. 


Be it hiring outsourcing data entry outsourcing companies in India or BPaaS providers, India has more scopes to serve you better. You know BPaaS is delivered through the Internet, and India is getting better each day with its internet technologies. Undersea internet cables are simply widening the scope and expertise in delivering BPaaS services worldwide. 


The 5 points have cleared which country is better to get data entry outsourcing companies, BPO companies or eCommerce ones. India Rep Company is one of the best outsourcing firms in India. For decades, it has been serving global clients and keeping the 100% client satisfaction rate intact. To know more about how it works and its expertise areas, you must visit its website. No matter whether you are going for an Indian-based firm or outsourcing services to the Philippines, you should check honesty, professionalism, dedication, expertise, and technological advancement. 

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